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About the Artist

Shayla McDougal

I was born in Hopewell, Virginia but raised across various states in the Midwest and overseas due to my mother's military background. I later found myself in Iowa to pursue a degree in animal science at Iowa State University but ultimately shifted my focus to sociology. I have been active in the field of social work and human services since 2017. When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my partner Gustavo and my (fur)children Apollo, Kyo, and Kiki, solo, couple, and group travel, watching anime or reality television, exploring astrology and spirituality, listening to true crime podcasts, reading young adult novels, creating art, enjoying good food, and of course - doing my own makeup.

My introduction to the artistry of makeup was gradual. In high school, it was for special occasions only - like school dances and graduation. My makeup was always done by my mother and those experiences were some of my favorite bonding memories to this day. In college, like everything else, my phase of experimentation in doing my own makeup began. However, the true obsession was born after my first trip to and purchase from Sephora. I bought a black liquid lipstick. And it made me feel powerful. Soon after that I delved deep into the world of beauty, spending all my free time watching videos from the prominent influencers, buying product and practicing.

The opportunities to start doing makeup came naturally. People had began to take notice of my passion and skill and by the summer of 2019 I had my first client for a maternity photoshoot and baby shower. I will always remember and be grateful for this moment because it became the catalyst for what was to come. Bookedt&Bizi Beauty was only in the beginning stages of an idea before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. As the world scrambled to slow the spread, shelter in place protocols were established, businesses closed or limited their capacities, and many wondered about the future. Despite it all, Bookedt&Bizi Beauty was born June 19th, 2020.

Bookedt&Bizi Beauty is by far my greatest accomplishment. It has been a marvel and a blessing to run and maintain a business during such an interesting, turbulent time. Since it's inception, I have done countless faces for anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, creative projects, headshots, family photos, maternity, and weddings. The look of surprise from my clients once they see their final looks brings me a joy beyond words. I can only hope to continue to grow as an individual and a business owner in serving my community for years to come.

Thank you.


A special thank you to my mother April Reeder and my partner Gustavo Rodriguez-Diaz for your continued, unwavering support and belief in my abilities. 

For my mentors, friends, and sisters in business Keesha Ward, Jazzmine Brooks, and Victoria Knight - our group chat is everything and I love and appreciate the way that we uplift each other!

To Devin Wilmott, my first client ever: Girl. Thank you.

To everyone else who has donated to my business, shared and engaged with my posts, recommended me to your family and friends: ya'll are the realest.

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